The Musical Curse of Being a Parent

This is going to be a rant about my kids – I am the proud parent of three kids – a soon to be 14-year-old girl and two boys who are 8 and 9.  As most people know, when a child becomes a teenager, your parents become uncool.  This has become especially apparent with my daughter.  My daughter with questionable music taste thinks my preference in music is uncool!

I mean, come on! It is not like I listen to Muzak.  I listen to hard rocking, outrageously fun Celtic Rock and Punk, how can this be uncool??  I am opening a door to her to enjoy something that will set her apart from her friends in being on the cutting edge, going beyond DKM and Flogging Molly, exposing to her to bands that for the most part have not been mainstreamed and don’t play sickly sweet songs.

I was driving my daughter and her friends to the mall last Sunday, and the entire way she was giving me dirty looks for blasting my music. I have even been informed that one of her friends stated I have scarred her for life.  Heh, I guess I don’t have to drive that friend anyplace ever again!  As a kid, the closest I ever got to listen to rock music with my dad driving was Billy Joel (and that was only the Innocent Man album!) and maybe some doo-wop.  Not really cutting-edge there, Dad!

Meanwhile, my middle boy is quickly falling into his older sister’s musical taste is becoming a lost cause to me.  So far the youngest thinks my music is cool still – a few weeks ago we were rocking out Animal by The Mudmen and laughing at The Moose by Ceann talking about how much fun it would be to get a moose head and decking it out like in the song.  I pray I can continue to warp mold his musical taste.

My wife and I have invested good money for her to learn to play the flute.  I still get shivers when I hear her play “Oops, I Did It Again” on her flute when she gets tired of playing her school band music.  I think the only way my daughter would think my music was cool would be if Glee covered it – I shudder and cringe at the mere thought of that.

Perhaps it is best that she thinks my music is uncool.


3 responses to “The Musical Curse of Being a Parent

  1. I feel your pain. Luckily my 2.5 year old son still loves his plastic fiddle. And we often play “music” together as a family where my son play the fiddle, mo plays the accordion and dad play the banjo.. I just wonder what he is going to make his 4 week old sister play.


    Philthy – AKA The Grinning Beggar

  2. I guess I am extremely lucky then. My daughter is 18 and I’ve been taking her to punk rock shows since she was 5. If was a 21+ venue, it never failed that the bands gave me merch for her when I told them the story of how heartbroken she was that she couldn’t attend the show.

    Now, while I am ashamed of a couple of the bands she likes, the majority of her music tastes are directly in line with us. In 2011, I took her to see Flogging Molly, DKM, The Tossers, Hub City Stompers, The Toasters, Flatfoot 56, The Muck Savages (of course she gets to see us practice every day) and more

    Other bands she has seen include Street Dogs, Ducky Boys, Hudson Falcons, Social Distortion, Tiger Army, King Size Braces, etc. Most of these bands she has seen multiple times.

    The point is, there is still time to save the youngest from a life of Pop Rock and New Country 🙂


  3. When my wife’s 14-ish year old niece lived with us years ago, she said that all my music (same music as you) sounded the same, while she headbanged to the legendary diversity of the speed metal scene. Now she’s over 21, and I noticed she “liked” both FM and DKM on her FB page. Don’t give up.

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