Psst…Have I got a double secret review for you!

It has been longer between post than I like, I promise you it was for a good reason.  This past May, the air conditioner in my fugly purple Neon went out (the car was a gift, I can’t complain!), and I have been making do while St Louis has had its hottest summer in a very long time.  Long story short, I started shopping for a car a little after my last post and it has taken all of my time.  After much research and a few test drives, I found the car for me – a 2005 Mazda 6 wagon that I have dubbed The Paddy Wagon.  I did lose my DKM and Cutthroat Shamrock stickers, so now I have to get more.  Good thing I will be going to Shamrock N Roll Fest next month!  Well, enough about me, on to my review.

Monday morning, I got an email from Superjay Wars with a sneak preview of Between The Wars new EP, The Rats, is set for release in Australia on August 29th, 2011 and in the UK/Eire on September 19th, 2011.  You can even buy it earlier by going to their EP launch on 08-26, you can buy tickets here (if you are lucky enough to be in Australia.)  The EP has 7 songs, 1 of which was on their Carried Away release. The track list is as follows:

1. The Tail of the Rats
2. Lone Pine
3. Horses and Violins
4. Keep To Yourself
5. Hourglass
6. Irish Rebel Song
7. The Ballad of the First Fleet (previously on Carried Away)

I had this album on repeat all day Monday and this afternoon.  It has been listened to while doing nothing, driving The Paddy Wagon (did I mention it has a 6 speaker Bose sound system?) and while at work.  The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.  The songs are really growing on me.  At first listen, I enjoyed Lone Pine and The Tail of The Rats.  The song on my first listen that did not really catch my attention was Keep To Yourself, but as I listened to the EP more and more, Keep To Yourself has become one of my favorite songs.

This EP also led to learning something of Australian history in Lone Pine.  The song is clearly a soldier’s lament.  Being a product of the American school system, the only history other than American history that was taught was European history – even the education of World War I covered the western front and ignored the conflict in the Ottoman Empire.  So today, I learned about the Battle of Lone Pine.  Clearly there are some songs that probably have a deeper meaning to an Australian than to this uneducated American, but that does not take away from the pleasure of listening to this band perform.

Music has become my therapy, when I leave work in a foul mood, I have two ways to get rid of it on my way home.  One is to listen to power, anger filled songs and burn the anger and exhaust it, the second is to listen to light-hearted songs and let the music lift me and dissolve the anger.  The Rats falls into the latter category, but the songs themselves are not light-hearted or funny – it is the beat and rhythm and the passion Between The Wars clearly has for their music.

So in my opinion, break out your wallet, pre-order the EP, and enjoy!

I wish I lived in Australia so I could make it to their EP launch party.  If you are a lucky one, have a beer for me!  Slainte!


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