Special Delivery from Sweden

Time for another review! This time it is Sir Reg’s self-titled CD from 2010. Sir Reg is a six-piece band hailing from Sweden with great vocals and rocking violin and wonderful melodies. My kids were quite curious as to who would send me something in the mail from Sweden and when I opened the package, it was like a mini Christmas.  The parcel included the CD along with 2 pins and 2 stickers.


The sticker was promptly put on the empty canvas of the Paddy Wagon.

The album has garnered rave reviews and was selected as top album of the year from Paddy Rock along with Celtic Fold Punk.  Sir Reg was also named band of the year from Celtic Folk Punk. After listening to the CD, it is easy to see why.

The track list of CD is:

  1. Feck the Celtic Tiger
  2. Arrive on St Patricks Day
  3. Drink Up Ya Sinners
  4. Straights of Magellan
  5. Coi’mhthich
  6. Golden Days
  7. Capti’n’s Jig
  8. Tomorrow’s The Day

While the music is upbeat, the CD has themes of leaving for greener pastures and the longing of home, great staples of Irish music that is still current today.  Feck the Celtic Tiger and Tomorrow’s the Day show a hope and desire for something better, even though it means leaving your past behind. Far Away is a soldier’s lament, of the promises made by recruiters and the reality of war.  The album has music with great drive and spirit, ideal for passive listening, as well as deep and moving lyrics, for more active listening.

I easily see why this CD has earned the accolades it has received, and I look forward to hearing more from this band!



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