St Lou’s Very Own Rusty Nail Boozers, Bastards and Bards

First let me start by saying I will try to be objective, but some personal bias may show through.  Rusty Nail is a seven-piece local St. Louis Celtic Rock band that took me a while to find (thank you, KDHX website!). The first time I saw them live was on St Pat’s of this year after shipping the kiddos off for spring break. The band members are a fun bunch who clearly enjoy the music they are making. Spreading the word about small bands like Rusty Nail is what motivated me to start this blog.

Rusty Nail’s new CD is title Boozers, Bastards and Bards. It has 14 tracks, including 11  original songs and 3 standards. The track list is:

  1. Damned Violent Things
  2. Opened Ground
  3. Deadbeat Daddy Docket Day
  4. Yadier Molina
  5. Swallow Your Bitter Spanish Wine
  6. Black Velvet Band
  7. Paper Kisses
  8. Brave New World
  9. Trainyard Pub
  10. The Auld Triangle
  11. Shamrock Pub
  12. Breakfast At Home
  13. Elizabeth’s Eyes
  14. The Parting Glass

Really for the first time, I was able to hear the vocals clearly without the din of bar patrons. The stand-out original songs for me were Opened Ground, Deadbeat Daddy Docket Day, Yadier Molina, Trainyard Pub and Breakfast At Home. Opened Ground, Trainyard Pub and Deadbeat Daddy Docket Day may be familiar to some as it was included in the July 2011 Celtic Folk Punk and More sampler.

Opened Ground has been stuck in my head all day – the tune is catchy and the Irish roots feel very apparent. Deadbeat Daddy Docket Day is an amusing song dealing with a semi-rural suburb in southwest county near St Louis. Breakfast At Home has really stuck with me about the struggle of the middle class and the desire for bigger, better things, even at the cost of family.

The standards are all good, though my favorite is Black Velvet Band – but I may be swayed by my lovely wife and editor Penny who fancies herself as the troublesome maid. I know I sure have had to do my time at hard labor (I kid, I kid – let’s see if that makes it past her editing).

Editor’s note:  I’ll show ya hard labor.   – Penny

Overall, I really enjoyed the content of the CD in addition to the satisfaction of supporting local bands and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something out of the mainstream with some good St Louis flavor!


Rusty Nails webpage

Rusty Nails Facebook

Rusty Nails Reverbnation


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