A Damn Good Time – Whiskey of the Damned

My introduction to Whiskey of the Damned, a 5 member band from Milwaukee, was swift. I woke up Thursday to a friend request from Eoin McCarthy and a message telling me they were playing at the Broadway Oyster Bar on Friday night. Without pause or thought, I told my lovely wife I had plans Friday night.

I have been struggling to find the right words to talk about this band – they are absolutely incredible! Right from the start of the show to the very end they rocked the joint. My hand is raw from clapping. The energy and enthusiasm of the band was incredible and the love of the music was clearly visible.


When Whiskey of the Damned comes to your town to play, DROP EVERYTHING, GRAB SOME FRIENDS AND GO! This is a must see band!

While at the concert I purchased their new CD, Moonshiners & Shoplifters and I can already tell you this will be in heavy rotation. The music is infectious, I keep finding myself tapping along.

The track listing is:

  1. Thump Keg
  2. Another Day Dead
  3. Dear World
  4. Battered Soul
  5. Enemy of the State
  6. Handsome Molly
  7. Cheap Whiskey
  8. The Wreck
  9. El Biblio Techa
  10. Wayward Waltz of a Drunken Ghost

Hands down my favorite song is Another Day Dead, the song has been stuck in my head since last night and I have been reinforcing by listening to it several times today already. My other favorite is Thump Keg, it sounds a bit like Cutthroat Shamrock which Whiskey of the Damned have played with according to Eoin when I talked to him at the show. The Wreck a slower tempo song that I see growing on me as time goes on.

Again, as if I have not given it enough emphasis, drop everything you are doing and make it their show! Buy their CD!







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