Drinkhunters – With My Crew

This was my first experience listening to the Drinkhunters, and I gotta say their music is exhausting, and I mean that in a good way! Right from the gates with Welcome to Happiness you will be zipped through fast and raucous music with an incomparable amount of energy. I cannot even imagine what these guys are like when the play live and how they can maintain the energy for an extended set.

I got to  be honest, there were times it was hard to even keep up with what song was currently playing, the tracks melding right into the next. The music is more punk inspired than celtic punk but clearly has the folk punk feel due to the accordion and fiddle that are played with frenetic speed and agility. The Drinkhunters music plain and simple is just fun! As I typically do, I highlight 3 tracks that really caught my attention. My method of picking my top 3 songs is that if a song makes me stop doing an activity to really pay attention to the track it will usually wind up my list – the problem is when an album has a lot of those songs. The Drinkhunters falls into that realm. But the songs that kept getting my attention were I Don’t Need You, Drinking Song and She was 56. Basically, I would have to call these songs great party and drinking songs (yeah, I know what you smart asses are saying “Wow a song call Drinking Song can be considered a drinking song” to you I give the universal one finger salute.) While all the songs, regardless of the lyrics are upbeat and rocking by pure force of the energy being driven by these guys, the humor and joy of the three songs are evident and I kept finding a smile a my face whenever the songs were on and my head bobbing (and given my lack of rhythm, out of time.) What is great about these guys is the originality of their music, each song stands on its own and even my teen cannot complain that these guys sound like someone else in my library (a complaint she has made before.) I really hope these guys can make and sustain an American following so we can get them over to the States for tour! So get up and get yourself a copy of this great work – I will really be surprised if I don’t find it among the top 10 albums for 2012.

The track listing is:

1. Welcome to Happiness
2. It’s in your Hands
3. I Don’t Need You
4. Fucking Cops
5. All Night Drunk
6. With My Crew
7. Drinking Song
8, Scum
9. In Your Paradise
10. She was 56
11. In my Head
12. Warriors Souls
13. Molly Never Sleeps Alone



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