Pub Review – O’Malleys

[Reader warning – the author is a few pints in and may have typographical errors especially since this post is done by phone]

Here it is a Saturday night with no shows going on, I decided to go for a few drinks. Blame it on a hard work well and four reviews this week, I really needed a well poured Guinness. Tonight I started at McGurk’s, the St Louis standby but bring a Saturday evening it was busy and not knowing the tables were reserved for diners only, I had a couple of pints after being moved once. The waitresses were kind and the Guinness served correctly as expected.

On a whim I went to O’Malleys Pub not too far away, hoping perhaps they would have some live music. Alas, today they had none. However, once I entered the pub, I was greeted exhuberently by Molly! She is a young English bulldog who is quite friendly and a nice welcome. The bar was quiet and lends itself to a neighborhood bar but as a stranger I was made to feel welcome beyond the happy welcome of Molly.

My Guinness was served still surging but from a well meaning  bartender doing her best, I will accept that. This is a nice cozy little bar that serves up DKM, Street Dogs, Flogging Molly, Tossers, Flatfoot 56 and Black 47 on the jukebox. While I would live to see some newer and more current bands in the box, you gotta love a bar that has some Celtic Punk.

The whiskey selection appears to be something desired. They have your typical Jameson’s and Bushmill’s plus some Tullamore Dew.

In conclusion, if you happen to be in St Louis and looking for a nice neighborhood Irish Pub (not frequented by the college and hipster crowd), check out O’Malleys and have a delicious pint of God’s elixr better known as Guinness!



One response to “Pub Review – O’Malleys

  1. I’d like to add to this review by saying O’malley’s also has a very nice fireplace inside that give the pub a very warm and authentice feel, personaly built and wonderfully crafted by the talented hands of the humble owner.
    The reviewer obviously didn’t get a chance to experience the top notch kitchen at O’Malley’s that serves supersior pub snacks as well as outstanding lunch and dinner dishes.
    The beer garden is a great complement to the entire experience highlighted by a one of a kind Irish Tiki Bar, handcrafted personaly by the owner of the pub.
    The reviewer missing live music is a tough go of his “Irish Luck”. Typically more oft then not the pub offers top quallity live music through out the week and weekends.
    There is something for everyone at O’malley’s and to miss an opportunity to stop in is denying yourself the charm and personalities one wishes to find when visiting a real Irish pub.
    The warm and personal welcome the reviewer experienced at O’Malley’s is genuine and I’m glad he Identified it and highlighted it in his review. The comfort and charm found in this pub will leave a lasting impression on any visiter and if you haven’t had a chance to experience it, add O’Malley’s to your list of things to do soon.

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