The Real McKenzies – Westwinds


So thanks to Zune, I am able to listen to the new release of The Real McKenzies Westwinds. This post is coming the day after they played in St Louis and I unfortunately missed the show though I did get to spend time with my youngest who was away for 4 days – no regrets there.

Anyway, back to the review. This Scots Canadian band has been rocking for years and Westwinds is their tenth album that I feel is more polished and not as raw. It still rocks hard with great rock and bagpipes.

The track listing is:
1. The Tempest
2. Fools Road
3. I Do What I Want
4. The Message
5. My Luck is So Bad
6. The Massacre of Glencoe
7. The Bluenose
8. Burnout
9. Halloween
10. Hi Lily
11. My Head is Filled With Music
12. Barrett’s Privateers
13. Pipe Solo

The sing highlights for me are The Tempest, My Luck is So Bad, My Head is Filled With Music

The bagpipe launching The Tempest brings you right in and sets the tone for the rest of the album. My Luck is So Bad speaks to me on a very personal level giving my DWI and divorce, hitting rock bottom my luck can only go up from here. My Head is Filled With Music goes straight to the core with the beat and lyrics about a soldier charging into the beaches hearing nothing but music.

For the most part the album is a bit slower than their others, bit still highly enjoyable. The songs seem to be more introspective which may come with age. Go out and give it a listen to!



Lexington Field in need of a helping hand

Hey folks, passing on a request for help from the talented guys from Lexington Field. I’m going to cheat and copy and paste their message to help them out with their upcoming tour. Any formatting issues are my responsibility as I doing this mobile – I will be checking on it later if there are errors and a heads up would be great as well.

“Lexington Field is embarking on their first NATIONAL tour this August! While they are funding the tour themselves they have come up a tad short on their budget. The road is expensive my friends with gas, lodging, transportation, and food, but luckily we aren’t too far from our goal.

To help bridge the gap our dear friends in the internationally acclaimed Country and Western
act, Midwest Missile has put together a KickStarter campaign to help raise the remaining funds needed for the tour.

We set a goal of $2500 and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link:

Spread the word and help us show the country some American Fiddle Rock!”


Greenland Whalefishers – Live at Farmer Phil’s Festival

ImageWow, has life gotten me distracted. I had not realized how long it has been since my last real post about the genre I love to listen and write about. Finally back on the horse so to speak!

The last 2 months or so, I have been listening to Greenland Whalefishers Live at Farmer Phil’s Festival. For those not familiar with Greenland Whalefishers, they are a Norwegian band and have been around since the 90’s. As the title indicates, this is from a live performance and available as a beautiful blue LP vinyl with great photos on the jacket. The album highlights the energy of a live performance while not sacrificing sound quality that some live albums typically suffer from.

Most of the songs are all original, though clearly they have a heavy Pogues influence, so much so that when the music was cycled into my MP3 library, I had to check to see who was playing. Although a minor distraction, I do like to see bands with their own style and sound regardless of their infuences.

Track listing:

  1. 4 Season Song
  2. Hit the Ground
  3. Waiting
  4. I Just Saw You
  5. I am Roving
  6. July Morning
  7. Rich Holder at Thorp Arch
  8. Backup Man
  9. Limp Jos Story
  10. Loboville
  11. The Wild Rover

Right from the gate, “4 Season Song” sets the tone and pace of the album, fast and hard driving. “I Just Saw You” brings the pacing down a bit, but just enough to bring your heart rate down before launching into the rollicking “I am Roving.” The pacing continues through “July Morning” that has a great piece with the Black Adder theme thrown in that I am aching to snip and turn into a ringtone. “Rich Holder at Thorp Arch” is a wonderful instrumental and transitions nicely into “Backup Man.” At this point, I have covered most of the songs, needles to say “Limp Jos Story” and “Loboville” are equally enjoyable and hard driving. The one traditional song, “The Wild Rover” gets an excellent treatment to wind out a great album.

All in all, I really enjoyed the album and my only criticism is about them sounding too much like the Pogues, but really, what is bad about that given the original songs except for “The Wild Rover.” If you have a turntable, treat yourself to the gorgeous vinyl which comes with a download card for your MP3 player, you will not be disappointed.