My Night With Lexington Field

Lexington Field from San Diego is on tour this month and St Louis is lucky enough to be a stop for them, they are playing on Wednesday, August 8th. I was lucky enough that today is their off day between Kansas City and St Louis. Tonight I hung out with the band, plus Chad from Rusty Nail. If I can describe the evening in three words, it would be insanity fueled fun! Granted, the band will blame it being on day 6 of their tour, but I think it only accentuated their insanity.

The evening started with meeting them at their hotel room, then going to look for BBQ, but unfortunately it was closed. Instead we head to a local Irish/Welsh pub, had dinner and caught the trolley to the ballpark to catch the Cards play the Giants. As the band members are Padres fans, they were more than happy to root for the Cardinals, but sadly the Cards did not pull out the win.

After the game, we caught a group doing percussion with a 6 year old drummer that has a great musical future then headed back to the pub for the band to get additional drinks. Without going into details (bear with me, it is late and I do have to get some sleep!) the evening was a lot of fun and I have yet to see the band even play yet! Stay tuned for more as I will be writing about the actual concert with Lexington Field and locals Rusty Nail!



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