The Kilmaine Saints – Drunken Redemption Review

This past week my music selection as primarily been the Kilmaine Saints new album Drunken Redemption. This sophomore album is an excellent follow-up to their rollicking The Good, The Plaid and the Ugly. On the surface, the album is a great piece of fun music, sure to get you singing along and tapping your feet. But after you scratch the surface, there is a lot of depth in the lyrics of the original songs.

From the start, with the Quick March starts the blood boiling with a fast intro to get you warmed up for the rest of the album that rolls nicely into Battle Cry. Battle Cry is great hard rocking piece with some great lyrics about standing up for your beliefs and fighting for them.

Devil’s Den, listed as Paradise Square Pt 2, is a lovely companion piece to Paradise Square from The Good, The Plaid and The Ugly (one of favorite songs from that album) and this song did not let me down. Rolling into 57, a song that had me searching the internet to learn about the 57 Irish immigrants hired to work on building a railroad in Pennsylvania.The song is haunting as is fitting as the 57 are believed by some to haunt Duffy’s Cut.

The other song that tops my list is With Regrets. At this stage in my life, it holds some deep meanings for me, in looking back at my past mistakes and making the changes so I can live my life with no more regrets. To quote the song “I pray it’s not too late / To right the wrongs I’ve done / and the man that I’ve become.” I can go on all day and cover each song in detail but eventually it will start to sound repetitive about how great each song is.

Amoung the covers, Go On Home British Soldiers tops the list there. And as I have stated in prior posts, in my own humble opinion, I could do without Fields of Anthery – my issue is not with how they covered it, just that it is perhaps one of the most overdone covers done next to Whiskey in the Jar and Finnegan’s Wake. I understand that bands need those songs in their playbook and they are good songs, hence them being covered so much. It is the creativity of the bands creating original songs, in the style and influence that is really fun to listen to. Ok, off my personal soap box now.

So stop reading, find a website (plenty of choices from Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, not to mention Zune and Google Play Store) to buy it from and start listening!

And of course, here is the track list:

1. Quick March
2. Battle Cry
3. Haul Away Joe
4. Go On Home British Soldiers
5. Devil’s Den (Paradise Square Part 2)
6. 57
7. When We Come To Town
8. The Fields Of Anthery
9. Swallowtail Jig
10. With Regrets
11. The Whiskey’s Calling
12. Black & Blue Jig
13. Brave Yankee Boys
14. All For One
15. Old Rugged Cross

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