Kilmaine Saints Freebie!

From the Kilmaine Saints Facebook:

IT’S FREE FRIDAY!! As a thank you to all of our fans for making Drunken Redemption so succesful, we’re giving away Go On Home British Soldier on CD Baby as a free download for the next 2 weeks, AND having a
contest! Step #1 – Click on the link, download, get angry & enjoy. Step #2 – Share this link on your wall. Step #3 – Post on this status that you have indeed shared the anger that is British Soldier. Step #4 – Have some whiskey or a pint & calm down. Step #5 – Wait to see if you’re one of 3 lucky winners. First prize will get our new CD and their choice of any one of our shirts, Second and Third will have their choice of shirt or CD. So download, listen, share & enjoy….and most importantly, THANK YOU!

So if you have not bought their album yet, here is a great starter for you and it is a great rocking song.



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