Free!! The Mahones Angels and Devils EP!!

Sunday afternoons and evenings tend to be a drag for me as the work week starts to rear its ugly head and thoughts go towards what needs to be accomplished for the week. So today’s gift from The Mahones really made my day today! Right now 4 tracks from the upcoming release of Angels and Devils is available for a free download – yes I said FREE! This preview releases have been getting rave reviews from Paddyrock, Shite ‘n’ Onions and Celtic Folk Punk and More. I have not had a chance to listen to the 4 tracks, but will be doing so on repeat most of the day tomorrow! This will need to tide me over till the release date of the full album on November 13th which will be on repeat as I drive to Urbana, IL to see The Mahones with Dropkick Murphys in just under 4 weeks!

The four tracks are:

  1. Shakespeare Road
  2. Angels & Devils
  3. Angel Without Wings/Merry Christmas Baby
  4. Past The Pint Of No Return

You can get your free download of The Mahones Angels and Devils EP at

And for all my fellow St Louisans without plans on Halloween night, The Mahones are a MUST SEE act you should not miss! The show will be at The Pageant on 10/31.


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