The Killigans Another Round For The Strong Of Heart Review

The Killigans newest release Another Round For The Strong Of Heart is a like a rollicking wood roller coaster! From start to finish the album is thrill ride that rocks and sways you, giving you moments of respite before dropping of the thrilling edge and jerking you through the turns, your adrenaline and heart pounding, your body being slammed to and fro! It starts off Hit the Deck, with its discordant feedback, much like going up the first incline, building your excitement, wondering what lies ahead and before you know it you are lifted out of you seat as the ride plunges towards the ground, you can’t help but smile as the endorphins kick in. It is followed by Empty Streets, it starts slowly, bringing you up a large incline, just as you think this song will be a slower pace, boom! Another drop into a heart pounding song that contains the lyric of the album’s title. Empty Streets is a song that keeps the pace up and down, hitting the banks, your body rocking along before it moves into the Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, a rolling song, going side to side quickly and lyrics that get stuck in your head. Salt Of The Earth is a flat straight, giving you some time to catch your breath and enjoy the sights around you, the song is touching and has sent chills down my spine when I take the time to
really listen to great song writing by these rocking bards from Lincoln. Hey Sergio is the last of the big hills, again starting with a slower pace before the resulting acceleration – another song with lyrics that get stuck in your head and retain their grip all day long. Ghost Of Our Fathers is a slow piece of straight instrumentation, another moment of heart beating respite but emotionally tugging in ghostly chords. The Killigans quickly ramp it up again with The Throes Of Misery, a head banging song that stirs the primal beast within. The Bottoms is a thumping, fast number. From The Underground is a great homage to the punk rock of the past, channeling the energy and the beats of the past. Take Me Back brings this fast and exciting ride to a great close.

Another Round For The Strong Of Heart shows the maturity of The Killigans, hence the reference to wood roller coasters. The songs are
introspective yet unapologetic. I would highly recommend this album to anyone, this album transcends genre booking. Any fan of Celtic punk, folk punk, punk or just hard driving rock music should love this album. My only complaint is that just like a roller coaster, the ride is over way too fast and you wonder how it was over so quickly so you quickly run back to the front just to ride it again!

The track list is:
1.    Hit The Deck
2.    Empty Streets
3.    Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
4.    Salt Of The Earth
5.    Hey Sergio
6.    Ghosts Of Our Fathers
7.    The Throes of Misery
8.    The Bottoms
9.    From The Underground
10.   Take Me Back



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