Bastards On Parade Shallow Waters EP Review

bop shallow watersBastards on Parade is a Spanish hard rocking band from A Coruña (Galicia). They have recently released a 4 track EP, Shallow Waters that serves as a reminder that old Celtic culture is more than the British Isles. Galicia, in the northwest part of Spain, is considered one of the seven Celtic Nations and Bastards on Parade channels that heritage and spirit and blend it with some hard thumping Celtic music. The Shallow Waters EP is far too short and I look forward to hearing a full album from these talented musicians.

Starting with the title track, “Shallow Waters” sets the tone and feet a thumping with the tin whistle and growling vocals and melodic chorus. “Old Man’s Booze” flows nicely from “Shallow Waters”, the drumming setting the rhythm, the bagpipes rolling piping are well blended, not overpowering the song. “Pastoriza” is an instrumental, that really highlights the accordion, while sounding very old country, the other instrumentation brings this into the 21st century. The EP ends with “Time To Go Out” finishes out the EP on a very high note, finding myself “Oi”ing with the chorus loudly and gathering weird looks from the other drivers on the road – hopefully they don’t think it is road rage as it has been too cold to drive with the windows down.

Track listing:

  1. Shallow Waters
  2. Old Man’s Booze
  3. Pastoriza
  4. Time To Go Out

If you are not familiar with band of the lesser known Celtic nation, give them a listen and enjoy! You can find the EP at Bandcamp to stream or purchase.



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