Uncle Hamish & The Hooligans – Operators Are Standing By Review

uncle hamish coverWell readers, here it is my, my last review of 2012 – this is from a band out of western North Carolina. Uncle Hamish & The Hooligans are a 5 piece Celtic Rock band that creates some truly original pieces of work. “Slante Mhath” starts out with a darkly humorous tune about the beginning and then bitter end of a relationship, the music is infectious hiding the deeper side of the side of the lyrics and even then, there is some bitter humor to it. Next up is “Jolly Beggerman”, bagpipes introduce the song before bringing it up. It is a fast instrumental piece showcasing their musicianship with a jazz feel to the arrangement. “Paddys Green Emerald Shore” is a finely crafted lament, that starts quite originally, the instrumentation sounding like whales calling, adding to the feeling of the song being sung aboard the ship. The vocals are haunting and clearly evoking the homesickness of those that immigrated. “Mr Wotzit” will quickly have you over your tears, it is a fast instrumental that quickly brightens your spirits. “As Bullets Hit Sand” was a bit of hard song to listen to, as the first time I listened to the song was when I heard about the school shooting in Newtown, CT – as such, I have had an emotional block as I keep thinking of when I first learned of the shooting – so I am going to pass on my thoughts of that song and will hopefully come back and update my review once the association has passed. “Fanfare For The Common Scotsman” is another nicely crafted instrumental. “The Legend Of Uncle Hamish” is a light storytelling song, reminding me of Jimmy Buffett’s “Jolly Mon Sing”. Finishing out the album is “When I’m Famous”, a funny song about what the band members will do when fame and riches hits them. It is a joyous and light piece that is a nice bit of fluff to lighten up your day. In all, the album is very enjoyable and has been honored by Paddy Rock as one of the top 25 albums. I would say it well worth a listen!

Track listing:

  1. Slante Mhath
  2. Jolly Beggerman
  3. Paddys Green Emerald Shore
  4. Mr Wotzit
  5. As Bullets Hit Sand
  6. Fanfare For The Common Scotsman
  7. The Legend Of Uncle Hamish
  8. When I’m Famous



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