Valentino Is Dead – Misadventures In Punk Rock Review

Valentino is DeadValentino Is Dead is an Irish Punk/Alternative band, and to clarify, they are from Ireland and a punk band – not an Irish Folk Punk band – so this review is a wee bit of a departure from my normal fare that I write about. Regardless, this band is hard rocking, their tunes are catchy and just downright fun to listen to. I discovered them thanks to a follow suggestion from Twitter and some free songs. Yeah, they are following the drug dealers method of business, give the taste away for free and get you hooked!

Hailing from the east coast of Ireland, this band clearly has a lot of diverse influences that makes for fun listening. Misadventures In Punk Rock is their debut album and listening to it, I was completely taken by surprise. The sound is polished and big. Each song stands on its own and has a different feel from the others on the album.  Right from the start, “Up Your Anti”, a song that is “really hard-hitting rocking song about the uprisings, fights for democracy and all that stuff in Egypt and all across North Africa”, sets the fast tone for what is come for 10 tracks on the album. The chorus is catchy and the music is fast and hard. “Forlorn” is perhaps my least favorite track on the album, musically it is great, but the electronic voice synthesizer to me takes away from the song, being a distraction from instruments. “A Galway Tale” is in my top 3 tracks of the album, starting a bit folky, it quickly moves into a catchy, nostalgic tune about fishing boats known as Galway Hookers.  “Not in My Name” follows, another of my top 3, that is has great vocals and varying tempos that goes straight to my soul, pounding my desk or steering wheel depending on where I am listening to the song. “This City Tonight” slows things down but still quite a foot tapper and enjoyably ditty. “Girl That Never” has a retro feel, evoking 60’s pop yet still current, if you are not singing along with the song by the end of it, I would be surprised! “Bad Boy Bubby” is an instantly catchy song that I had stuck in my head hours after listening to it. “Higher” brings to mind 80’s punk and alternative influences but not overly so with Valentino Is Dead still maintaining their domain over their music. “Homage to Hybris” though utilizing some voice synthesis, is not overdone. To me, it is the most somber of the songs on the album but given the catchiness of their songs, still expect to be bopping your head, tapping your fingers or feet as you listen to it. This brings us the last song on the album, and my final top 3, “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down”, this song has been added to Attitude Adjustment playlist – a song to remind you to keep chugging along and as the title says “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down”! The song is fun and quickly puts a smile to your face.

Valentino Is Dead has put out a great piece of work, one that is socially conscious and fun at the same time. The album is a fun contradiction, giving you some fast, rocking songs but still maintaining a pop catchiness to it. I would highly recommend you check these guys out for some fun listening! You can find their webpage at, on Facebook and Twitter. If you sign up at their website, they will send you a link to download “Up Your Anti” for free!

Track listing:

  1. Up Your Anti
  2. Forlorn
  3. A Galway Tale
  4. Not in My Name
  5. This City Tonight
  6. Girl That Never
  7. Bad Boy Bubby
  8. Higher
  9. Homage to Hybris
  10. Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down



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