Lexington Field in need of a helping hand

Hey folks, passing on a request for help from the talented guys from Lexington Field. I’m going to cheat and copy and paste their message to help them out with their upcoming tour. Any formatting issues are my responsibility as I doing this mobile – I will be checking on it later if there are errors and a heads up would be great as well.

“Lexington Field is embarking on their first NATIONAL tour this August! While they are funding the tour themselves they have come up a tad short on their budget. The road is expensive my friends with gas, lodging, transportation, and food, but luckily we aren’t too far from our goal.

To help bridge the gap our dear friends in the internationally acclaimed Country and Western
act, Midwest Missile has put together a KickStarter campaign to help raise the remaining funds needed for the tour.

We set a goal of $2500 and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link:

Spread the word and help us show the country some American Fiddle Rock!”