The Muck Savages – My New Years Gift To You

Happy New Year! 2011 has been a great year for me as a music fan. I started my blog earlier this year to try to help bands get more exposure and to hopefully be a resource for like-minded individuals wanting to find new bands in the Celtic Punk/Rock genre.

I have worked on helping out St. Louis locals Rusty Nail by going to more shows than I can count and have talked them up here and on Facebook. I also got to see Cutthroat Shamrock and The Dropkick Murphys twice this year in addition to my almost nonstop trip to Columbus, OH and back for the Shamrock N Roll Fest where I got to see The Mahones, The Bloody Irish Boys, Street Dogs, Stiff Little Fingers, Parkington Sisters, Chuck Ragan and my second experience of DKM. I also got to see Murder the Stout along with the Street Dogs for a second time. I have also made friends outside of the States with great bands like Between The Wars, Ramshackle Army, Sir Reg and Mr. Irish Bastard. I hope 2012 continues with the great support I have gotten and given and I wish all bands the greatest success.

As my present to you, I want to introduce you to The Muck Savages. A raw, hard rocking band from Oklahoma City, OK. I hope 2012 brings me the opportunity to see these guys live. If you go their website, you can download their 4 track demo and 7 track EP Golden Molly for FREE! That is right, these have their music up for free, so grab some tracks and enjoy! Once you are on their website, just click on the Music link.

From their Demo, they have a great version of Come Out Ye Black and Tans along with my favorite We The People that starts with the preamble and quickly ramps into a great Irish inspired song with drive and energy.

From the Golden Molly EP, the stand out for me is Michael O’Malley. While not has hard-driving as some their other songs, the story of Michael O’Malley even touches my cynical heart. Fighting Man is another song that I have enjoyed – it is one of those great songs when you are in a “fuck you” mood and have the music burn your anger off after a long hard day.

But don’t take my word for it, you have nothing to lose since these guys are giving their music away. Give em a listen and enjoy! Hopefully I will be able to get myself down to OKC or they can get up to St. Louis so I can support them in person and buy some swag from them – I think the Paddy Wagon is in need of a Muck Savages sticker if I can find the room.



Never Mind the Bastards, Here is Mr. Irish Bollocks

Last month, on my birthday of all days, I got Never Mind The Bastards, Here Is Mr. Irish Bollocks by Mr. Irish Bastard. Back in my early days of discovery new bands, I thought it odd of all the countries that field Celtic Punk/Rock bands that do not seem traditionally Irish. It is great how this genre has a niche worldwide following. For those who have not heard of Mr. Irish Bastard, they are a wonderful from Germany, with a lot of great original songs with the Irish flare. My appreciation of this band has been growing over time – I don’t know if it is the Teutonic side of me or not (yes the secret is out – I am an Irish German mutt!) A Fistful of Dirt has some of my favorite songs such as I Smell the Blood, Paddy’s Last Tango and Don’t Judge Me. So getting a chance to write about Never Mind the Bastards Here Is Mr Irish Bollocks, the homage to the Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks I was happy for the opportunity.

This review required some homework for me. While I am vaguely familiar with the Sex Pistols. I have never really listened to or owned any of their music. As I pulled out the CD,  started thinking that I can write about the CD either as a stand alone focusing solely on the CD’s merits or as a comparison piece. Given that Mr. Irish Bastard did a track for track homage to the Sex Pistols, I felt it would be best to do this as a comparison piece.

When a band does covers, it is always a gamble. Sometimes the music is so much like the original,that one really questions what was the point. Other times, the new version is so far off base, you don’t even recognize the origins. I think the Mr. Irish Bastard was right in the middle and did right to the Sex Pistols and also to themselves. The Sex Pistols were raw, hard energy driving the young punk movement whereas Mr. Irish Bastard is polished and with much more depth coming from the bigger band while still containing the energy and drive of the original. It was fun listening to the original track followed right behind the cover. It was like discovering something new for each track. I enjoyed my homework of getting to know the Sex Pistols but even more hearing how Mr. Irish Bastard took their love for the song and created something deeper and richer, my favorite being Holidays in the Sun. While I am sure the purists out there will disagree and say the polish is against the punk anthem, I would disagree. Punk has matured but the principles are still there. To me punk is about individual liberties and is the outrage to those who want to restrict our liberties. From listening to their homage, it is clear Mr. Irish Bastard is giving their loving homage to an electric, raw and controversal band.

In all, I would highly recommend to this to anyone, be they familiar with the Sex Pistols or not as the CD can stand on its own legs. You can find more on Mr. Irish Bastard here.