Plaid to the Bone – Live Show Review

plaid to the boneTonight I caught local St Louis band Plaid To The Bone. They have just recently started playing shows and I look forward to seeing a lot more of them. The band is a six piece outfit, consisting of lead guitar, bass, full drum kit and three pipers. All the music is instrumental, so if you want singing, you will need to provide that yourself. The best way to describe them would be bagpipe rock. They fuse traditional piping with hard-hitting rock and also fuse classic rock from the likes of The Beatles, Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne.

I caught them at a local suburbanite place called Sky Music Lounge as the middle act (and I will admit, I am guilty of not sticking around for the third act so I could get home to write this review) and unfortunately their act was about an hour-long that went by too fast. The music was fun and their energy was great. Plaid to the Bone is one of the more unique bands I have heard given the prominence and number of pipers in the band.

So for any of my St Louis readers, look these guys up and catch them live and for my readers out of the St Louis area, if you roll through town, look them up as well!