The Beer Barons EP Review

 The Beer Barons are a 6 piece outfit hailing from up north in Ottawa, Canada. According to their Bandcamp page, “The Beer Barons blend traditional celtic and folk music with the speed and intensity of punk. Drinking music that makes you drink faster.” I personally cannot attest to the drinking faster portion of the quote as most of my listening time was at work, which sadly my employer frowns upon drinking on the job. Before getting into the review and speaking of their Bandcamp page, I would recommend checking out the song Dicken’s Cider which is not on the EP and it brought a much-needed smile to my face today after having to retype my post (still have not figured out if user error or wordpress screwup.) Now, onto the review – the EP consist of 6 songs and here is the track listing:

  1. Flibustier of Martinique
  2. Pub Song
  3. 1812 (Hero of Wrightsville)
  4. GM Blues
  5. Back for the Empties
  6. Man Overboard

This EP is a lovely piece of work as each song was crafted as individual works and have their own sound. The top of my list is Back for the Empties with fast pacing and containing a lyric stuck in my head all week of “living belligerently in sin”. 1812 (Hero of Wrightsville) follows right on the heels for Back for the Empties due to the great drum intro into the song. I think what I love the most about the EP is how each song has its own sound and feel. From the maritime Man Overboard to the blues and country GM Blues (yeah I know, the title should give that one away), it was great to hear the range of styles from one band and while the songs have their own stylings, they all blend and flow nicely as you are listening to them. The songs still contain at the core the essence of the Beer Barons. If you can find this EP, snag it quickly, but if you are not able to find the EP, check out their Reverbnation page here! I hope someday The Beer Barons will decide to make a trek down south so I can see what magic they bring to a live stage!