The Fatty Farmers – Refarmatory Review

refarmatoryThe Fatty Farmers are a Celtic Punk band from Toledo, Spain. After listening to them, the best way to think of The Fatty Farmers is a Spanish Flogging Molly – I don’t mean that they copy Flogging Molly but clearly heavily influenced by them that is clear in the music. That Fatty Farmers have a unique sound of their own and their own flair to writing songs in both English and Spanish. The album starts rocking out hard with their first track “No More Woman You’ll Kill” the pace is relentless and the music goes to your core. “21 Blackjack” starts out with great whistle work, the percussion bringing the rhythm to stomp your feet to. “Sraka dupa” is a bouncy instrumental that alternates pacing from fast to slow back to fast that has a fun gypsy feel to it. “Rather Die Than Forget” brings the tone down to a more dirge like level, the fiddle work beautiful and soulful. Lifting your spirits, “Next Sunday We’ll Begin Again” is my favorite track on the album. This one really got me moving, tapping along, head bopping to the beats. “The Way Back Home” is another tune that ramps up fast, with the strings taking the glory during the fast pieces, the whistle and percussion carrying over during the slower portions of the song. “With Head Held High” and “The American Dream” feel extremely similar, fun little pieces but perhaps a bit to close each other. “Hate Cannot Be Forever” brings the speed of the album back down in a soulful song that is mournful and haunting. “At The Counter Bar” & “Lurfy el Payaso” (track 14) are the same song – one in English, the other in Spanish, speeds up the pace once again, deftly handling changes in pace and letting their instruments shine. “My Childhood Dream” brings some hard rocking string work driving the speed of the song. “Fancy Prankster”  is my second favorite song of the album. Perhaps the most Celtic influenced and unique from some of the other songs on the album. “Johnny Techno Ska” starts to bring the album to a close with a heart pounding romp with boundless energy that is a joy to listen to.

In all, this is a solid piece of work. There are some nice standouts here and few songs that sound very similar to the others. If you are looking for something different and has a good international feel to it, then I do recommend you give this a listen to and enjoy!

Track Listing:

  1. No More Woman You’ll Kill
  2. 21 Blackjack
  3. Sraka Dupa
  4. Rather Die Than Forget
  5. Next Sunday We’ll Be Back Again
  6. The Way Back Home
  7. With Head Held High
  8. The American Dream
  9. Hate Cannot Be Forever
  10. At The Counter Bar
  11. My Childhood Dream
  12. Fancy Prankster
  13. Johnny Techno Ska
  14. Lurfy el Payaso


The Fatty Farmers Needs Your Help

Hey all, as the internet is a global thing and I am not an American that thinks the world revolves around the States, I am posting about The Fatty Farmers needing your help with getting their new record made via crowdsourcing. Most of the rewards are for people mainly in Spain and the rest for Europe. So for my international readers residing in Europe, be sure to check out this out:

We want to record our new album: REFARMATORY. And you are welcome to participate.

WHO ARE WE? At the start of 2009 a Group of farmers from different stables appear in the music scene in Toledo to bring us a music style never heard around here. This group brings rhythm and fun with there different costumes and there hardly seen instruments.

From the banjo to the electric mandolin played by the wild Rodrigo Farmer, to the bagpipes and Irish whistles by the sweet Javato, passing by “The little boy” Javito Farmers violin. The group is completed with Lamber on the bass, Lalo playing the acoustic guitar, Fignani the electric guitar and Juankar on the drums. The last one to join the group has been Goyo, a crack of the accordion and another big push to the group.

Celtic Punk Rock Folk music that isn’t to be heard at home but to be seen in this groups great live show that will make you want to sing, dance, jump, party hard and forget about everything for a little bit.

WE NEED YOUR HELP We thought that you can take part in this record and the best way is through the crowdfunding collaboration. So we’ve chosen to finance half of this project, exactly 55% of the cost of the disc recording, mixing, mastering, design, prints, t-shirts and music videos through crowdfunding.


  • Audio Recording: 825 €
  • Mixing: 825 €
  • Mastering: 150 €
  • Design / Art: 550 €
  • Disc: CD + booklet: 1.000 €
  • T-shirts: 500 €
  • Video: 700 €
  • Total: € 4,550

We are proud to announce, that we will enter the 51 STUDIOS in Toledo on the 2nd of January 2013 and the new album will be ready in March.

You help us by paying in advance the album, T-shirt, or whatever you want ….. and with that money we can record our new album, make T-shirts, etc and we´ll send it as soon as possible. We´ll have 40 days to get the money and if we don´t get it,  money will not come out from our pockets.

Take a closer look at the rewards, we adjusted for all budgets. You can participate in the new album very actively.

On the website of Verkami have a blog where you can ask us any question or suggestion and we will answer you quickly

If you want to be a Farmer more involved in our album!

More information on our official sites


You can listen our first album Down in the Streets on Spotify